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Welcome: If you arrived here on a "Redirect"; It is because our former ISP iserv.net has decided not to be in the web hosting business and so we have started a new website: www.LubeandJack.com.   Please read the profile / About us and select the company you wish to visit or use the Google Search

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  1. Lube Technology / Willmar International LLC and Lincoln Automotive:

    1. Distributor of Lincoln Lubrication Equipment

    2. Lincoln Power Lubers and Parts with Secure Online Ordering

    3. Private Brand Lube Technology Lubrication Equipment with Secure Online Ordering

  2. Shinn Fu Jacks and Lifting Equipment including
    1. Hein Werner Brand (HW) Made in USA.
    2. Omega Lifting.
    3. Blackhawk Port-A-Power
    4. Blackhawk Lifting
    5. Omega Tools.
    6. Bone Crusher.
    7. Repair Kits and Parts for:
      1. Ajax, DeKoven
      2. Lincoln Lifting
      3. Walker, Ajax
      4. Hein Werner Prior 2003 Jacks
      5. Blackhawk Lifting USA Made prior to 1999
      6. Blackhawk Port-a-Power
      7. NAPA
      8. Snap On

    8. Marquette Welder Parts and Accessories
    9. Marquette Battery Chargers, Solar Battery Chargers and Century Welding Equipment
    10. Century Welding Equipment and Accessories.

  1. Drill Technology Manufacturer and Distributor of Carbide Drills, Routers and Endmills.
  2. Lube Technology:   Manufacturer of "very affordable" Lubrication Equipment including pumps, reels, hoses for oil and grease.
  3. WillmarLube :   Manufacturer of "very affordable" Lubrication Equipment including pumps, reels, hoses for oil and grease.
  4. Willmar Rotary Tool-Bassett Rotary Tool; Manufacturers of Carbide Machine Tools for Industry and Special Precision Carbide Tool
  5. Willmar International Suppliers of Rawhide Pet Products and Pet Accessories to Consumers and Retailers.
  6. Resume of W.M. O'Grady

WEB PAGE ADDRESS: https://www.lubeandjack.com/index.html
Recent Update: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

For Additional Information or Technical Information, send us an email from this web page at the address below. Please specify the Model Number. Please include your name, address, city, state, zip, Telephone Number and Fax Number in the email and we will send you the requested Information.
For more information contact: wmogrady@iserv.net  or contact; willmarllc@gmail.com
AT: MAIL TO: wmogrady@iserv.net
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