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Current Status Hein Werner does not manufacture Hydraulic Jacks anymore. 
Repair Kits Parts and Repair kits are available (See Below).
Short History   The Hein Werner Jack Division was purchased by Lincoln Automotive in 1992.   At that time a decision was made to discontinue the manufacturing of the USA made Brand of Hein Werner Jacks.   Lincoln Automotive did continue the Selling and Marketing of the Hein Werner Winner Series of Hydraulic Jacks which was made in Taiwan and China.
Models Available? Models are not available unless they are used or rebuilt.  I have used and rebuilt units which I will post for sale.

Hein Werner Listings of Jacks and Repair Kits;  

PAGE #1; heinwerner_rep1.html;  Includes all of the Popular Jacks: 55, 57, 62, W, WS, WS-R, O-Bay, M and K jacks
PAGE #2: heinwerner_rep2.html List #2 Includes 62464 to CPI 60-1;
PAGE #3: heinwerner_rep3.html List #3 Includes CSR52 to FR10.16
PAGE #4: heinwerner_rep4.html List #4 Includes FR10.5 to H67700
PAGE #5: heinwerner_rep5.html List #5 Includes: H67939 to H68479; Models HR-10 to Model OS (alpha order)
PAGE #6: heinwerner_rep6.html List #6 Includes PK902 to X-10 and then the Push - Pull; Part #: H6965500 to H8101000
PAGE #7: heinwerner_rep7.html List #7 Includes Part # H8102000 to H8212700.  
FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions in no particular Order.
NOTE Just like with the Walker, Ajax, NAPA, SnapOn and Lincoln Kits, I offer the service sheet and a how to write  up when available.   I have not put a column on the sheets mentioned above due to the sheet volume of model numbers and kits.   It will take me awhile to sort through this and add in the information.
Online Ordering At this time I do not offer Online Ordering.   Simply because of the complication involved.
Parts Need  parts for your old Heinwerner jack?
E-mail us at
I will be posting new, reconditioned and used good condtion parts for sale.
Service Pages Service pages for your equipment: $25.00 without purchase of kit.

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