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LUBE TECHNOLOGY-Lincoln Automotive

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We make it EASY for you to do   business with Lube Technology
4 ways to Order!! Fax: 1-616-676-1287 TEL: 1-616-676-1792 Email:Sales P.O. Box 456, Ada, MI. 49301


Service Jacks
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Long Chassis Service Jacks
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Jack and Forklift Stands
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Truck Jacks
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Forklift Jacks
forklift jack.jpg (7047 bytes)
Floor Style Transmission Jacks
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Telescopic Transmission Jacks
telescopic transmission jack.jpg (8857 bytes)
Air Jacks
truck air jack.jpg (10465 bytes)
End Lifts
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Engine Cranes
3ton engine crane small.jpg (9477 bytes)

Wheel Dolly
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Engine Stand & Accessories
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Shop Presses & Accessories
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Web Address and Mail To Information

For Additional Information or Technical Information, send us an email from this web page at the address below. Please specify the Model Number. Please include your name, address, city, state, zip, Telephone Number and Fax Number in the email and we will send you the requested Information.

Contact us by mail or fax at:
Address: Willmar International LLC
         P.O. Box 456; Ada, MI. 49301 USA
TELEPHONE: 1-616-676-1792 FAX: 1-616-676-1287;  Email: willmarllc@gmail.com or  wmogrady@iserv.net 

WEB PAGE ADDRESS: https://www.lubeandjack.com/~wmogrady/lube.html
Recent Update: Tuesday, October 06, 2020
For more information contact: AT: MAIL TO:
Sales     or     willmarllc@gmail.com
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