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LUBE TECHNOLOGY-Lincoln Automotive

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Information on Moving Around the Website

Visting Us? You are visitng our website, because you need / want something.   You want to find it. Get it and Get out ;  In and Out as quick as possible.  We understand that.
Search Box That is why we are installing a search box on every page.   Unfortunately you might see ads on the search boxes.   They are not our ads and some of the ads might be from competitors.   So far we find it uncontrollable.   It is something we are working to eliminate.
Parts and Items We have well over 15000 sku's in stock.   So finding what you want, when you want and the quickest way possible can become a task.   We have tested 2 different search engines on our site.  We are using both of them since they seem to read the site differently.   We are posting them on the header of each page as we get to it.   Below are the search Engines as an example.
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Jack Parts We have thousands of Jack Parts, both new and used.  You want to fix up Grand Pa's Jack but the model number is worn.  You have the old part either a Ram,Tank, Release, Pump, or Cylinder.   You can take a dimension.  Type the word describing what you want.   We have tried to put down the dimensions even if we don't know the exact part number.
Power Luber Part You know the part, fill it in and it will take you to the page.; if not the model number.
Lincoln Pump Fill in the part number or a description.
Welder Parts Fill in the part number or model number.
Suggestions: We are constantly changing our systems, products, menus, offerings and online ordering.  If you have any constructive suggestions, please email us.
P.O. BOX 456; ADA, MI. 49301 USA
TEL: 1-616-676-1792; FAX: 1-616-676-1287
Email: wmogrady@iserv.net;                            Email:   willmarllc@gmail.com
Website: https://www.lubeandjack.com/~wmogrady/lube.html