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 Power Luber Problems 1400 Question and Answer
NOTE #1 This is an update on the FAQ's for the Original 1400 Power Luber;  All of the 1400 questions are grouped together but not in any particular order. Read through to find your problem.  If your question in not in there, email me with your question.
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Pumps Grease but No Pressure. The Power Luber Pumps grease fine with no pressure on it. On some zerk fittings it pump grease but the power luber tends to lose pressure. In other words it can pump at 500 psi but not 1000 psi.. According to the customer, it loses pressure and just does not pump the grease like it use to. Can you tell me what he needs to replace to get it back so it works like it use to. Have them clean out the check valve 271885 on the series A and B and use a Bore Brush on the Seat. There is wax in the grease and that seat can accumulate a lot of build up and it might take something to grind out the build up.

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