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    Career Objective:

    Senior Level International Management Position with Worldwide Responsibility and Profit and Loss Responsibility located in the USA or Overseas.

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    2. Present Occupation
    3. Lincoln Automotive
    4. Willmar International
    5. Precision Carbide
    6. APV Baker & Werner Lehara
    7. Stewart Warner
    8. Tenneco Automotive
    9. Ven-America, Venezuela
    10. Harloc Products
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    June 1998 to Present Started Lube Technology; A distributor and exporter of Lincoln Lubrication and designing Lubrication Systems.
    July 1996 to Present Started Drill Technology dba;  A distributor, manufacturer and designer of small diameter carbide and HSS Micro tooling from .002" up to .1250" consisting of  drills, endmills, routers and specialty tools
    July 1996 to Present: Started Willmar International; Importing and Distributing Rawhide Dog bones and Pet Products from Brasil.
    July 1996 to Present:

    Consultant on International Business:
    Accomplishments: Developed Country by Country Strategic plans for USA product lines; Researched International Opportunities for USA Companies; Designed Lubrication and Bakery Systems for Overseas Companies; Translated documents, catalogues and brochures into Spanish; Developed Web pages.

    1992 - 1996:

    LINCOLN AUTOMOTIVE, Director of International:
    Territory: Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa and parts of the Far East.
    Product Line: Industrial & Automotive Lube Equipment, Jacks, Battery Chargers, Welders and Oil Absorbent. Responsibilities: Business Development, Export Operations, Contract Negotiations, Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Credit, Sales & Marketing.
    Accomplishments: Increased export sales from US$2 million to US$7 million while maintaining profit margins of minimum 30%; Signed up over 30 new distributors worldwide and supervised over 200 distributors; Computerized the Export Dept. & Est. a Computer Database; Trained Reps & Distributors in System Design; Initiated programs with Multinational & National OEM's & users; Wrote a country by country strategy manual, an export training manual and edited Technical Manuals. Initiated & sold the concept of Quick Lubes in Latin America and the Middle East. Designed sophisticated Lube systems for capital equipment; Conducted bilingual seminars & meetings.

    1991 - 1992:

    Export & International Trading Company
    Territory: Far East, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Accomplishments: Increased the export sales of one client company from 5% to 55% of total sales of $12 million; designed routers for the PCB industry; imported & distributed rawhide pet products and exported pet food to Europe and Japan.


    PRECISION CARBIDE TOOL DISC, Vice President and General Manager,
    PCB Drills, Routers and Endmills.
    Territory: India, Far East, Europe, Latin America
    Accomplishments: Operated and had full P&L Responsibility for a joint venture manufacturing plant in India; Developed and maintained dual Accounting Systems & Cost Systems, (Indian & US); Banking and Legal Aspects; Sales and Marketing; Turned the JV from a loss to an 8% profit in 10 months by reducing the scrap rate from 70% to 10%; Developed new export markets for Carbide Tooling and increased sales of Sintered Diamond Carbide 50%.


    APV BAKER / WERNER LEHARA, International Manager,
    Food Processing Equipment.
    Territory: Far East, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa
    Responsibilities: Business Development, Project Management, Trade Finance, Negotiation, Contracting, Credit, Banking, Export Operations, Licensee Agreements, Overseas Manufacturing, Planning and Budgeting. Accomplishments: Increased Intl. Business 45%/year over 4 yrs.; Supervised over 25 reps and sales offices overseas; Supervised and trained 6 subordinates; Created a computer database; Conducted seminars in 3 languages.


    STEWART-WARNER, Business Development Manager;
    Instruments, Lubrication Equipment, and Power Tools.
    Territory: Latin America & Middle East. Accomplishments: Responsible for Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Credit, Project Management, & Export Operations; Increased business 52%; Developed 15 new markets; Set up 25 new distributors, Trained and Supervised 6 internal people as Managers and Salesmen; Seminars in Spanish and English; Supervised 50 distributors; Reconciled a division's export operations; Developed and implemented a divisional export operations system.


    Monroe Auto Equipment Co. Assistant Export Mgr;
    Latin America and Walker Mfg. - Export Product Mgr.;
    Ride Control Products, Exhaust Products, Jacks,
    Filters, and Wheel Hubs.
    Territory: Latin America, Middle East & Far East.
    Accomplishments: Supervised the sales efforts of 14 reps; Increased sales for Walker 40% from 2.5 million; developed new markets in 15 countries; averaged 7 new customers/mo..

    1978 Fall:

    VEN-AMERICAN C.A., Caracas, Venezuela,
    (while attending AGSIM graduate school), Inside Business Mgr.


    Junior Accountant; Credit Manager; Employee Relations Manager.

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    AMERICAN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, Glendale, Arizona Master of International Management,
    Summer:Guadalajara University, Mexico.

    M.A. in Economics. Research and Analysis;

    MOUNT SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE, Emmitsburg, Maryland.
    B.S.; Double Major of Economics and
    Business/Finance; Minor-English.

    OTHER: Accounting: 27 credit hours;
    Pre-Engineering: 46 credit hours;
    COMPUTER SKILLS: IBM Compatible, 40 credit hours in Internet Scripting, WinFax Pro, DBase, WordPerfect, Lotus, Quatro Pro, Pascal, Basic, Symphony & Telecommunications, M&G Code.

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    Reading, Writing, and Speaking Fluency in Spanish and Proficiency in Portuguese.


    Europe, USSR, Far East (China, Japan, India, Australia), Middle East, Latin America, USA and Canada.

    1. 1997: St. Louis World Trade Club,
    2. 1984-1990: West Michigan World Trade Club,
    3. World Affairs Council,
    4. Toastmasters International,
    5. Featured Speaker at US Dept. of Commerce functions.

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    My "Favorite" Web Sites

    1. The U.S. Congress on the Internet
    2. The University of Michigan's MLink Program
    3. Let's Go Gophering
    4. Savvy Search
    5. Stockmaster

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