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 Power Luber Problems 1400 Question and Answer Grease Leaking out of the Zerk
NOTE #1 This is an update on the FAQ's for the Original 1400 Power Luber;  All of the 1400 questions are grouped together but not in any particular order. Read through to find your problem.  If your question in not in there, email me with your question.
Oct 16, 2020

 Grease Leaking out of the Zerk

All 4 of my powerlubers have the same issue.

That is when I remove the hose from the grease zerk, it always allows about 1/2" of grease to leak out.

Sorry best description I could come up with. Even if I let it set on the zerk for 5 or 10 seconds after letting go of the trigger.

 Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks 

Hi Bill, 
Couple of reasons:
Residual pressure in whip hose can cause a bit of oozing. 

a. They are
pulling the coupler off the hydraulic fitting too early, not allowing pressure to dissipate/equalize between fitting and coupler. 
Clogged/semi clogged fittings - clean out hydraulic fittings to allow for easier flow.
The Lincoln impact fitting tool (p/n 5805) works well for this. I normally recommend removing the fitting first, attach it to the tool then carefully tap on the plunger to push out the build up.
I recommend this method so as not to push the blockage or debris into the bearing potentially causing damage.
However, it can be used with fitting in place, but be sure to fully flush the fitting and lubrication point. 

Adjust lubrication schedule and amount to reduce build up of additives and debris which causes blockages in the fittings and bearing. 
Please remember, just because a fitting has a ball check on the tip does not mean it can withstand back pressure.
Furthermore, lack of lubrication will cause blockage as the additives will build up in the check area clogging the spring and keeping the check closed or causing a sluggish opening. 

Grease gun ball check(s) are not fully sealing so lubricant is allowed to weep.
a. Follower has enough pressure behind it thanks to the spring to cause this. If the checks are dirty, they will slowly leak lubricant. 
b. remove the ball check, spring, whip hose, and coupler(from hose),
clean everything out.
reinstall cartridge,
prime and test. 

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