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Heavy Duty Oil and Diesel Reel System; 3/4" x 25ft high flow reel assembly comes complete with spring powered reel 84672; 3/4" x 25ft delivery hose 68595; (extendible up to 21 ft); ball stop 82982; and 3/4" Oil / Diesel Valve and nozzle assembly 68594; Order Connecting Hose Separately

Additional Information and Specifications:

1: Includes steel rollers and Heavy Steel Mounting Base.
2: Specifications: Type: Medium Pressure: 2000 PSI
3: Inlet / Outlet: 3/4"(19MM)
4:Sheath Width Outside to Outside: 5-1/2" (approx-13.97CM)
5:Sheath Width Indiside to Inside: 4-7/8" (approx)(12.4CM)

6: Sheath Depth: 4-3/4"(12.1CM)
7: Diameter of Sheath: 19-1/2"(49.5CM)
8: Base: 12-3/4"(32.4CM) x 6"(15.24CM)
9: Base Thickness: 1/4" Plate Steel
10: With 4 3/8"(11.1CM) DIA mounting holes for easy mounting of the base to any support column, rafter or floor

11: Length of Arm: 15"(38.1CM)
12: Solid Metal Rollers with a diameter of: 2-1/8"(5.4CM) x 2-1/8"(5.4CM)
13: Applications: Oil, ATF, Antifreeze, Water, Air

14: Carries Hose: SAE100R3 73 50 FT(15.2mtrs)
SAE100R1 78 25 FT(15.2mtrs) 3/4"ID X 1-1/4" OD
SAE 100R3 74A 40 FT (12.2mtrs)
SAE100R6 74 50 FT(15.2mtrs)

15:BOX Weight: 80LBS
16: BOX DIMS: 24" x 24" x 16" (61cm x 61cm x 40.6cm)
17: Application: Installed Lube in Garage, Maintenance Facility, Quick Lube, Industrial, Factory, Mines, Mining Vehicle, Service Vehicle, Lube Truck

18: Price?????
19: Download PDF file.

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