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Obsolete Repair Kits will be listed at the far bottom of the page as information becomes available
Hein Werner Models You will notice that there are 7 pages of Hein Werner Jack Listings and Repair Kits.   Some appear to be duplicates.   I had a list of them so I entered them on excel and then tried to sort through them.   There appears to be no discernable pattern to the numbering and labeling system that was used.   The model could be a letter / letters as in "WS".   It could be a 5 digit number starting with a "0".  Or it could be a series of Alpha Numeric Characters. 
Hein Werner Winner Series of Jacks. The "68" series, those jacks beginning with "68" are for the most part the Hein Werner Winner Series and were made in Taiwan.  There are exceptions where a "68" series jack was made in the USA.  An "H68" is most definitely made in Tawian.

Many of the jack kit numbers have the "Email" after them.   If it is "EMAIL*" then it means at one time I had the kit.   If it shows "EMAIL" then it means I never had the kit but I possibly have enough information that I can create or build a kit for you.   Notice, I put "EMAIL" on there and not "CALL".   This is because I might need to do research and figure out if I have the parts or what is included in the kit.

Hein Werner Models (Continued) The company Hein Werner had been making jacks for a long time.  There are several different numbers and alpha numeric numbers that might be associated with the same jack, however a user might only know or refer to their jack with One Number or Set of Numbers or Letters.  So this gets complicated.  There are literally 800 lines of numbers with kits.   Hein Werner made all sorts of Jacks.  I split it up into 7 pages.   This took me quite awhile.  Most people and I say a majority of people are going to have the jacks that are in the first page, which include the 55, 57, 62, W, WS, WS-R, O-Bay, M and K jacks.  
Hein Werner Winner Series (Continued) Many of you out there have a Hein Werner Winner Series Jack.   I have some kits for them but not all.   It is possible I might have enough pieces to build a kit.  Use the "EMAIL" .   Hein Werner Winner Series is a tough call.   Even though that jack was made in Taiwan and China, they are very well built jacks.   The seals are metric.
How do I Identify my jack.
Color:  Normally most Hein Werner Jacks have a distinctive color Orange.  They called in Burnt Orange.

Model Number:

Got any model numbers, alpha characters or alpha numeric characters?


If we have to resort to photos, send me 3 D photos of top, side and front for example
Riveted Tag Sometimes if it has not been scraped off, there is a riveted tag on the jack with a series of numbers.
Read This Second Kits and Parts are not Returnable items.   Make sure you properly identify your jack.  It is not good enough to tell me it is Orange with 4 wheels.   When in doubt send me photos and we have old guys here that enjoy identifying the jack.
NOTE Just like with the Walker, Ajax, NAPA, SnapOn and Lincoln Kits, I offer the service sheet and a how to write  up when available.   I have not filled in the column on the rows due to the sheet volume of model numbers and kits.   It will take me awhile to sort through this and add in the information.
Search Box If you get frustrated looking through the pages, try the search box above.   I am feeding the search box as quick as possible.
FAQ's continued This is an ongoing project to post more information.
Online Ordering At this time I do not offer Online Ordering.   Simply because of the complication involved.

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