WILLMAR ROTARY TOOL -Bassett Rotary Tool
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We make it EASY for you to do   business with Willmar/Bassett
4 ways to Order!! Fax: 1-616-676-1287 TEL: 1-616-676-1792 Email:willmarllc@gmail.com P.O. Box 456, Ada, MI. 49301

Solid Carbide Drills(Jobber Drills)& Specialty Drills

  1. Combination Drill And Countersink
  2. Monarch Straight Flute Drills-Fractional Sizes
  3. Monarch Straight Flute Drills-Letter Sizes
  4. Monarch Straight Flute Drills-Metric Sizes
  5. Monarch Straight Flute Drills-Wire Sizes
  6. Regular Drills-Fractional Sizes
  7. Regular Drills-Letter Sizes
  8. Regular Drills-Metric Sizes
  9. Regular Drills-Wire Sizes
  10. Spade Drills
  11. Stub Drills-Fractional Sizes
  12. Stub Drills-Letter Sizes
  13. Stub Drills-Metric Sizes
  14. Stub Drills-Wire Sizes
  15. Ordering Information: See our ordering page for more details.

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bassett rotary tool and willmar rotary tool

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WEB PAGE ADDRESS: https://www.lubeandjack.com/~wmogrady/bassett.html
Recent Update: Monday, August 20, 2012
For more information contact: MAIL TO: willmarllc@gmail.com
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