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FOR Starjet and Superjet (Conical Seat) Welding/Cutting Outfits with M20110 and M21110
Cutting Assemblies

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Parts and Accessories:  Very hard to find.  You can email me but chances are fairly high that  I will say "No Quote".   Most of the parts are obsolete and no longer made.
of Metal
to be Cut
Tip Model
Description Tip
Oxygen/Acetylene Presssure Setting (PSI)
Oxygen         Acetylene
Up to 1/2" M23100 Oxy-Acetylene
cutting tips 4
preheat holes
for economical
efficient general cutting
#0 25 5
1/4" to 7/8" M23101 1 30 5
1/2" to 1- 1 /2" M23102 2 35 6
1 " to 2-1/2" M23103 3 40 7
1-3/4" to 4" M23104  4 50 8
Up to 1/2" M23200 Oxy-Acefylene
cutting tips 6
preheat holes
provide extra
heat for fast start
0 25 5
1/4" to 7/8" M23201 1 30 5
1/2" to 1- 1 /2" M23202 2 35 6
1 " to 2-1/2" M23203 3 40 7
1-3/4" to 4" M23204 4 50 8
Up to 1-1 /2" M23301 Cutting tips for
MAAP, Propane, LP,
Natural, Bottle
Gases, etc.
1 30 5-10
1 " to 3" M23302 2 35 5-10

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Recent Update: Saturday, November 09, 2019
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