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m12141.jpg (39335 bytes)Marquette's Squarewave AC/DC TIG is a single phase, electronically controlled, constant current power source that produces welding current in both DC and balanced squarewave AC.  This machine contains all the features and functions necessary to TIG weld, in DC or in AC, all ferrous and non-ferrous materials including: mild steels, inox steel, aluminum and its alloys, magnesium and its alloys, copper, bronze and zinc.  The power source is compact and powerful, ranging from 5 to 130 amps, making it perfect for welding the thinnest metals to 1/4" steel.  The high frequency feature provides easy ARC starting while the post flow control prevents contamination of both the electrode and the weld puddle.  With all its features, Marquette's Squarewave AC/DC TIG 130 is ideal for a number of applications including: motorsports, aviation, marine, food service, and maintenance.  The unit also has the capability of stick ARC welding with coated electrodes by using the optional electrode holder and ground clamp.  Unit comes with Ground Clamp and Hoses. 


m12141_1.jpg (39335 bytes)Options Available: Complete Professional Torch Assembly(M12316); Foot pedal amperage control(M15855); External pulse unit(can be used as remote control unit)(M15856);  Electrode holder(M15858), ground clamp and cables; Extension cable for amperage control unit; Flow Meter (M15525); See TIG Welding Accessories Page


  • 1: Use of either an optional manual foot pedal, remote control unit         or pulsed ARC accessory unit;
  • 2: Maximum welding current stability even at the lowest output         levels;
  • 3: Automatic compensation of line voltage fluctuations (+/-10%);
  • 4: Balanced AC output in square wave;
  • 5: Slope-up feature: Prevents cold weld starts;
  • 6: Slope-down feature: Prevents burn-through when reaching edge or on         very thin metals;
  • 7: All electronic parts 100% tested and unit contains fuse            protection;
  • 8: Pre-flow and post-flow control;
  • Input Voltage Input Current Output Voltage Output Current Duty Cycle MAX Thickness
    Dimensions Weight
    208-220/ 230-380/400 VOLTS
    (SINGLE PHASE) 50/60Hz
    28 AMPS 80 V.D.C. 5AMPS-130AMPS
    100% - 30% 3/16"

    H- 22"
    W- 12"
    L- 23"

    132 lbs
    59.9 KG

    m12141_a.jpg (43348 bytes)

    m12141_b.jpg (39054 bytes)

    m12141_c.jpg (40250 bytes)

    Stainless Steel weld done with pulsed, direct current. Thickness is 3/16"

    Aluminum weld in square wave with cleaning action. One can see the outline of the aluminum oxide edges of the weld bead.

    Aluminum weldment done with a sinusoidal wave. One can see that the aluminum oxide remained entrapped in the weld bead


    The core of TIG welding begins with a small pointed tungsten electrode contained within a gas shield mounted on a TIG torch.  The tungsten electrode provides a concentrated high temperature ARC that is used to weld two materials together with or without the use of a filler material.  TIG welding is the most precise, most accurate, and purest form of welding.  TIG welding provides the welder with the highest degree of ARC control.  It also provides the welder with a reduced amount of heat distortion to the base of materials being welded.

    Marquette TIG welders create a precisely focused concentration of heat without overheating and distorting the workpiece.

    This makes Marquette TIG welders perfect for welding of thin alloys or more specialized alloys like aluminum.  TIG welding provides the versatility of welding from razor blades, to stainless steel tanks and from steel roll bars to aluminum tubing.

    TIG Welding Dont's(FYI)

    1. Don't use bent or eccentrically mounted electrodes
    2. Don't allow the electrode to extend too far out of the nozzle;
    3. Don't use insufficient gas flow or the electrode will oxidize;
    4. Don't dip the electrode in the weld pool and contaminate it;
    5. Don't turn the gas supply off while the electrode is still hot;
    6. Don't use dirty nozzles coated with weld spatter;

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