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QUESTIONS / ANSWERS/Power Luber (1200)

Instructions:  Sift through the Questions / Answers;  There are not many otherwise we would have an index;  If your question is not answered, send us an email and we will answer and possibly post your Q/A.   If you care to add something based on your experience with the Power Luber from Lincoln, email us.
You just purchased a New Power Luber Battery Charger either 1210(12V 60HZ) or 1210E(12V/220V 50HZ) or 1211(7.2V) or a New Battery 1201 or 1203? Before you plug in your new charger read this. We have found that the Battery Chargers 1210, 1210E and 1211 are highly susceptible to voltage surges. If your previous charger was not plugged into a surge suppressor and did not work with the battery on it. You might have fried not only the Battery Charger but the Battery also. If you purchase a new charger and put the bad battery on the new charger, you can ruin the new charger. Try the Battery in the Grease Gun first and see if you can get the grease gun motor to whine. If it does then most probably the Grease Gun Battery is fine. However, as a precaution:  ON A 12 VOLT:, IF THE BATTERY MEASURES LESS THAN 10 VOLTS ON THE TERMINALS, IT WILL BLOW OUT THE CHARGER. So Put a voltmeter on the Battery and check it if you are not sure. However ON A 7.2 VOLT:, IF THE BATTERY MEASURES LESS THAN 6 VOLTS IT WILL BLOW OUT THE CHARGER. So Put a voltmeter on the Battery and check it if you are not sure. Some Points to Remember:
  1. A Bad Battery can ruin a Good Charger.
  2. A Bad Charger can ruin a Good Battery.
  3. We suggest using a Surge Suppressor that you can purchase at the Hardware Store or Computer Store or Electronics Store.
  4. A Battery measuring less then 10 Volts will ruin a Good Charger ON A 12 VOLT SYSTEM
  5. A Battery measuring less then 6 Volts will ruin a Good Charger ON A 7.2 VOLT SYSTEM
  6. We test all of our Chargers and Batteries before they are shipped out.
Power Luber Motor and Power Luber Gear Sets:
We notice that there are fewer number of problems with the Motor and the Gear Sets with the Series B Power Luber. It appears that the Pressure Relief Kit on the Series B Power Luber ( 271883 Pressure Relief Kit) alleviates the problems of overloading the Gears and Motor.  If you have a Series A, we strongly suggest the purchase of the Pressure Relief Kit (271883) and retro fit this onto your Power Luber Series A Model.  It is a simple fix.



The Power Luber Pumps grease fine with no pressure on it.   On some zerk fittings it pump grease but the power luber tends to lose pressure. In other words it can pump at 500 psi but not 1000 psi..  According to the customer, it loses pressure and just does not pump the grease like it use to.    Can you tell me what he needs to replace to get it back so it works like it use to. HAVE THEM CLEAN OUT THE CHECK VALVE - USE A BORE BRUSH ON THE SEAT
I have an electric grease gun:  Power Luber 1200(1240).  It doesn't seem to be sucking the grease out and into the hose, even though I can see the plunger moving back and forth and the motor is working.  The ball and spring that the plunger moves back and forth into seem to be in good condition.  Is there anything else to check?  Possibly a seal or check valve that needs to be replaced. Have them clean out the check valve
Ok.  I am still having trouble getting the gun to pump grease even though the plunger is moving back and forth.  I cleaned the check valve and have done all of the air pocket release methods, but I don't think it's an air pocket.  I was wondering if maybe the seal (Part No. 271889) was bad.  Any thoughts? WHEN HE CLEANS THE CHECK VALVE - MAKE SURE HE USED A BORE BRUSH TO CLEAN THE SEAT - AS THERE CAN BE SOME VERY HARD SUBSTACE SMASHED ON TO THE SEAT
THEN FILL THE END CAP HOLE;  ALWAYS TIP THE GUN HEAD TO GET OIL;  No guarantees but the power luber has been used with oil, wood glue and sealants although it is not made for that purpose.
I just changed my gear set on my Power Luber.  Should I put Grease in the Gears on my Power Luber? use some NLGI# 1 (Not To Much - Just a lite coat)

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