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Heavy Duty High Pressure Grease Reel Assembly

1: Grease Reel Assembly (Heavy Duty Reel LT83135ME(specs stated below)); Includes 40ft(12.2mtrs) x 1/4" Grease Delivery Hose; Swivel on the Reel; Ball Stop; and Grease Control Valve LT740ME; Hose Connections: 1/2"NPT(f)

2: Additional Information and Specifications: Heavy Duty Reel for Grease, Oil, Antifreeze, Water, Air with steel rollers and Heavy Steel Mounting Base.

3: Type: High Pressure: 5000 PSI
4: Inlet / Outlet: 1/2"(1.27CM)
5: Sheath Width Outside to Outside: 4-1/2" (approx)11.43CM)
6: Sheath Width Indiside to Inside: 4.0" (approx)(10.2CM)
7: Sheath Depth: 4.0"(10.2CM)
8: Diameter of Sheath: 20"(50.8CM)

9: Base: 12-3/4"(32.4CM) x 6"(15.24CM)
10: Base Thickness: 1/4" Plate Steel with 4 3/8"(11.1CM) DIA mounting holes for easy mounting of the base to any support column, rafter or floor.
11: Length of Arm: 15"(38.1CM)
12: Solid Metal Rollers with a diameter of: 2-1/8"(5.4CM) x 2-1/8"(5.4CM)
13: Applications: Grease, Oil, ATF, Antifreeze, Water, Air.

14: Carries Hose: SAE 100R2 75 50 FT(15.2mtrs)
SAE 100R2 76A 50 FT(15.2mtrs)
SAE 100R2 76B 50 FT(15.2mtrs)
SAE100R3 73 50 FT(15.2mtrs)
SAE100R1 78 50 FT(15.2mtrs)
SAE 100R3 74A 40 FT((12.2mtrs)
SAE100R6 72 50 FT(15.2mtrs)
15: BOX Weight: 72LBS
16: BOX Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 16" (61cm x 61cm x 40.6cm)
Application: Installed Lube in Garage, Maintenance Facility, Quick Lube, Industrial, Factory

17: Price???
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