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Decorated Oil Drain with 16 Gallon (60LTR) Tank

1. Includes 16 Gallon (60LTR) Tank inside of the White Decorative Outside Cover and Red Top
2. Includes Rolling Base (LT81319ME) with 2 1/2" Ball Bearing Heavy Duty Rubber Caster Wheels; Base Measurement is: 17-3/4"(45.1CM) x 17-3/4" (45.1CM) with a 2-1/2"(6.35CM) skirt around the edge
3. 14" Bowl Drain Assembly 82786ME finished in white with Cover and Lifting Handle is Adjustable from 43 7/8"(111.44cm) TO 69 1/2"(176.53cm)

4. Diameter of Adjustable Drain Pipe (61234M) is: 1-5/8"(4.13cm) & length is 27"(68.6cm) w/o threads & 28"(71.1cm) including threads
5. 4-1/4"(10.8cm) Welded Handles on either side for easy transport
6. Threaded Drain port with shut off valve is included at base of unit with 1/2" NPT (f) threads for easy connection to attaching a quick disconnect or hose to a drain pump

7. Drain can be extended up to a total height of approximately 64-3/4"(164.5cm) with lifting handle 66"(167.6cm)
8. Dimensions of Inside Tank are: Outside Diameter of tank: 16"(40.6cm); Inside Diameter: 15-1/8"(38.4cm); Outside Height: 21-1/2"(54.6cm); Inside Height: 20-3/4"(52.71cm);
9. Closed Height of Unit: 41-7/8"(106.4cm)

10. Dip stick in cover to check waste oil level
11. Red cover has a mounting block in the center with 1-5/8"(4.13cm) hole in the center for the tube and drain assembly. There is an adjustment screw in the mounting block to set the height of the tube and drain basin
12. Decorative White Sided Cover with Red Top: Outside Dimensions of the cover are: 17"(43.2cm) Diameter X 29.5"(74.9cm) Height

13. Size of Bowl Drain 82786ME: Outside Diameter: 13.0"(33cm); Inside Diameter: 12-1/2"(31.8cm); Depth of Drain Basin in the Center: 6.0" (15.2cm); Depth of Drain Basin on Outer Edge: 5.0"(12.7cm)
14. Replacement and Repair Parts Available

15. Other Information: Weight and Dimensions:
BOX Weight: 70lbs. (31.8kgs.)
BOX DIMENSIONS: Length: 20.5"(52.1cm) X Width: 20.5"(52.1cm) X Height: 43.5"(110.5cm)
16: Price
17: Download PDF file

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