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3:1 Oil Pump Assembly for 55 Gallon Drum; Includes: 3:1 Double Acting Oil Pump; Bung Adapter 40045; Rapid Disconnect Air Coupler; Air Nipple; Muffler; Air Connection Hose 3ft(.92mtr), Lubricant Connection Hose 4ft(1.23mtrs)x 1/2"(m), Swivel Adapter 1/2"(f) x 1/2"(m) (C925ME), and Reducing Bushing 3/4"NPT(m) X 1/2"NPT(m) ; (Air Inlet 1/8"NPT(f); Pump Lube Outlet: 3/4"NPT(f)); Downtube Diameter 1-5/8"; Output: 3 Gallons/minute (Free Delivery). Oil
Pump Assembly
400 Lb More Info
3:1 Air Operated OIL STUB PUMP ASSEMBLY; Includes 3:1 Double Acting High Pressure Pump; 4ft(1.23mts)x 1/2" Low Pressure Oil Connection Hose;  3ft x 1/4" Air Connection Hose; Rapid Disconnect Coupler(815ME) ; Air Nipple(11660ME); Muffler(LT2601ME) ;  Threaded Bung Adapter (40045ME) for installation on a Drum or a tank;  Volume Union Oil Swivel 1/2"(f) x 1/2"(m) (925ME) and Reducing Bushing 3/4"NPT(m) x 1/2"NPT(m); Air Inlet: 1/8"NPT(f);  Lubrication Outlet: 3/4"NPT(f)(1.91CM); Air Motor Cover(91407ME); Pump Tube Length:6-43/64"(17cm); Overall Height: 20-1/4"(51.5) MADE FOR 55 GALLON DRUMS OR TANKS; Use with Low level Cut off Valves, optional accessories. Oil Stub
Pump Assembly
Tank or Drum or Stand Alone Unit More Info
3:1 Air Operated OIL PUMP ASSEMBLY FOR A 5 GALLON PAIL;  INCLUDES 3:1 RATIO Oil STUB Pump; 815ME AIR COUPLER; 10181ME EXT. TUBE; 11660ME COUPLER; 45899ME COVER; 2601ME MUFFLER; Pump Tube Length:12-1/4"(31.1CM); Overall Height: 25-1/2"(64.8cm) MADE FOR 5 GALLON (19 LITER) PAIL 5 Gallon
Pump Pail Assembly
5 Gallon Pail More Info