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Grease Drum Covers, Band Dolly, Roll A Round Bases & Hand Truck
Model Description Weight
Drum covers & Band Dolly for 35LB (16kg); 5 GALLON ( 20LTR) Pails / Buckets
LT91144M Price? Drum Cover for the 35KB Pail w/ Knurl & Coupler (Height Adjuster) Assembly for 989 Series Pumps &equivalent with a 1.0 diameter downtube.  Permits Vertical adjustment of pump. 5LB(2.2KG) More Info?
LT91144ME Price? Drum Cover only for the 35LB(16KG)   5 Gallon (20 Liter) Pail / Bucket 3LB(1.36KG) More Info?
LT91144CP Price? Knurl & Coupler Assembly (Height Adjuster) for the 91144M & 91144ME Drum Covers;  Controls (adjusts) the Height of the Pump inside the Pail / Bucket. 2LB(.92KG) More Info?
LT45899ME Price? Drum Cover with 4 mounting holes in cover to mount pump directly to cover with 4 screws.  No Knurl and Coupler (Height Adjuster) Assembly needed. Mount mounts directly to cover. 3LB(1.36KG) More Info?
LT84191ME Price? Adjustable Roll-A-Around Band Dolly w/ Casters for the 35LB(16KG)  5 Gallon (20 Liter) Pail / Bucket and 25LB - 50 LB Pails 7LB(3.2KG) More Info?
Drum Cover & Rolling Base & Hand Truck  for 120LB(54KG);16 GAL( 60LTR) Drum
LT45733ME Price? Drum Cover Assembly for the 120LB(54KG); 16 Gallon (60Liter) Drum 7LB(3.2KG) More Info?
LT81319ME Price? Roll-A-Around Base w/ 4 Heavy Duty Swivel Rubber Casters & 2 Set Screws to Firmly secure Drum to Base. For the 120LB(54KG);16 Gal (60Liter) Drum 10LB(4.6KG) More Info?
LT66060M Price? Replacement Ball Bearing Caster for LT681319ME Base w/ snap rings 1LB(.45KG) .
LT66060-1M Price? Replacement Ball Bearing Caster for LT681319ME Base w/ THREADED Stems 1LB(.45KG) .
LT674XME Price? Hand Truck (Welded 1 Piece Construction) w/ Rubber Wheels for the 120LB(54KG); 16 Gallon (60Liter) Drum . More Info?
Drum Cover for 400LB (181KG); 55 GAL( 200Liter) Drum
LT81523ME Price? Drum Cover for 400LB (181KG); 55 GAL( 200Liter) Grease Drum with Mounting Holes and Reinforced Collar . More Info?
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