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1: Specialty Follower Plate with White Rubber Outer Wiping Ring for the 35LB ( 5 Gallon) (18.9 Liter)Tapered or Conical Pail.  1.0"(2.54CM) Diameter Opening for Pump Downtube.  This  follower plate has an inner steel center and white outer rubber ring for sensitive materials that cannot be contaminated with Carbon Black material.  
2: Center Downtube Diameter Opening 1.0"(2.54CM) for a Pump or Equivalent
3: Diameter of Follower Plate: 11-1/8"(28.26CM); Includes a 5/8"(1.59CM) foldable rubber lip around the outer diameter
4: Provides a tight seal on the other surface of the container for a vacuum suction and better priming in the downtube.

5: The follower plate has a reinforced metal collar 1.0"(2.54CM) high in the center to provide additional stability inside the pail.
6: Application: Tapered or Conical Pails/Drums of Material in a Standard 35LB(5 Gallon) (15.9KG)container or 25LBS(11.3KG) to 50LBS(22.7KG); for an LT989ME(LT82716ME) Pump or equivalent pump with a standard 1.0"(2.54CM) diameter downtube.
7: Materials to be Pumped: Include but are not limited to Sealants, Silicones, Fillers, Foams, Adhesives and other materials that cannot be contaminated with carbon black.
8: Other Information: Weight and Dimensions: BOX Weight: 4LBS(1.81KG); BOX DIMS: Length: 13"(33CM) X Width: 13"(33CM) X Height 3"( 7.6CM)
9: Price
10: Download PDF File on LT91500WME.
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