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Description: Replacement High Pressure Grease Pump for Industrial Containers, Pails, Drums & Tanks.
1: Includes 50:1 Ratio; Double Acting High Pressure Pump (LT83513ME) delivers uniform pressure on the up and down stroke.
2: Rapid Disconnect Coupler(815ME) & Air Nipple 1/8"(M)
3: Muffler(LT2601ME)
4: Pump Specifications: Pump Tube Length 18-7/8"(47.9 CM) & Diameter 1.0"(2.54CM); made for Industrial Pails, Containers and Drums; Air Motor height: 11.0"(27.84CM); Overall height of Unit: 29-7/8"(75.8CM);
5: These high pressure Grease Pumps incorporate a 20 cu. in. air motor design.
6: Output: 80 cu in/minute (45 oz) of Grease at 100PSI NLGI#2 at 70 Degrees ambient temperature (.35 cu in/cycle)
7: Air Inlet 1/8" NPT (f); Lube Outlet: " NPT (f)
8: New Downtube Packings made of Viton / Teflon for Longer Operating Life.
9: Maximum Air Pressure: 150PSI; Recommended Operating Air Pressure 80 - 100PSI; Max Grease Pressure: 7500 PSI; Recommended: 5000 PSI; Note: Pump life reduces considerable if operating above the recommended air pressure.
10: Additional Accessories Available: LT82103ME Grease Strainer for Pump Tube;
11: One Year Limited Warranty against Defective Materials, Workmanship and Labor
12: All Pumps are Pressure Tested Statically and Dynamically at the factory in NLGI #2 Grease for Output, Pressure, Performance and Quality.
14: Complete Repair Kits Available(See Below).
R83054M: Simple Repair Kit for Grease Pumps LT82513ME
R83054ME: Complete Repair Kit for Grease Pump LT83513ME
R83000ME: Air Motor Repair Kit for LT82513ME
R83001ME: Down Tube Repair Kit for LT82513ME
15: Other Information: Weight and Dimensions:BOX Weight: 18LBS(8.6KG)
BOX Dimensions: Length: 6-1/2"(16.51CM) X Width:6-1/2" (16.51CM) X Height: 28"(71.12CM)
17: Download PDF file on LT83513ME
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