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Monday, July 20, 2020
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  Recent Update: Monday, July 20, 2020
Caution Note: You might see this same note on several other pages.  Not everyone looks for FAQ's so I put it in several places.


Lincoln does not manufacture Hydraulic Jacks anymore.   The last ones were made by Lincoln in approximately 1998.

Service Sheets

On the Repair Price List, if indicated with a "YES" in the column, that means the Service sheet or Schematic will be shipped with your order and is included in the price of the kit.

Caution Note on Service Sheets

Walker Jacks were first made in the early 1900's up to 1981 and then Lincoln after that unitl 1998.   There are many variations of the same jack.  There are also many variations of the same part number.  We strive to get you the correct service sheet and we equally strive to get you the correct part (ie U cups).  Sometimes in the middle of a production year the U cup size changes or some other parts changes abruptly and there is no one around to give us an answer.

Repair Kit Write Up.

If a write up is available, there is a column with  a "YES", which means if I did a write up on how to repair the jack, it is also included in the price of the repair kit and it will be shipped with your order.  This is a write up which gives you tips on overhauling the jack.  There are times when we do a step by step write up but a step by step write up is arduous and takes a while to put it together.   I am working on write up's all of the time and hopefully adding to my list.

Identifying the Jack

When ordering, please locate the model number and series of your jack.  It is not enough to just tell me the color of the jack.   If the labels are all rubbed off, there is usually an aluminum tag riveted to the jack which has the serial number which will start off like this: letter-3 numbers- letter - 2 numbers - 3 numbers.  This will help me to identify the jack if I have the coding here.  Some of the older Walker Jacks have no serial number or coding, so I ask you to send me photos. I like 3 D photos, top, side, back or top, side, front and then a photo looking straight down on the hydraulics.


I don't have online ordering at this time because it is too easy for people to order the wrong kit and want to return it.  You need to call or email or I can send you a paypal Invoice.  When you order, I tend to ask you a lot of questions and make sure you know certain precautions so you don't ruin the jack.

Payment and Ordering

We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.   If you don't want to call in an order, you can email me and request an invoice via paypal and I can send you a paypal invoice.

Repair Kits

Repair kits contain all of the soft parts and consumables and many of the hard parts but not always.

Hard Parts

We do have an inventory full of Used / Good Condition Parts and Pieces (warehouse full).  We are constantly sorting through the items and trying to find an easy way to load the information on the internet.  I will be posting in the future all the hard parts both new and used / good condition from my inventory.


Currently the Number one mistake I see is customers using a cold chisel or impact wrench to remove the Gland Nut off of the Front of the front of the jack.  Do not use a cold chisel or impact wrench.  You will ruin the Gland Nut.  Most Lincoln Gland Nuts / Tanks Nuts have 2 slots in the top.  Use either a Spanner Wrench or I have a photo log of a tool that we constructed and you can make one yourself.  The photo log will show the dimensions.  It is free with your order.   The Gland Nut / Tank nut is put on with 300 ft lbs of torque.   On the 4 ton and 10 ton jacks, it can be as high as 450 ft lbs of torque.  I haave also seen customers take a socket and grind it down so there are two protruding studs that fit into the slots.


Reseating the check Balls:  If you insist on reseating the check balls and I don't recommend it.  Only hit the drift pin once.   I have a write up on that as well.   I don't recommend doing it.  The professionals do it for a living and they do it all day so they know how hard to hit the drift pin. 


Second big mistake I see is removing the cylinder out the block.  It is put on there with 700 ft lbs of torque and the only thing you will do is deform the cylinder and ruin your jack.  You need a mandrel inside the cylinder to take up the space.  I have mandrels here and I don't do it.  There is a static seal at the bottom but it does not go anywhere, does not need to be changed and it is not in the kit.
I am a DIY; Can I repair these. If you have a mechanical aptitude, I would say yes.   Having the tools is helpful.  About 85% of the job is cleaning parts.    10% is brain work.  5% is brute strength, meaning 300 ft lbs of torque.    I try to make it easier for you by doing the write ups.  If you have issues, you can always call us and we will try to help.  I want you to be successful in overhauling and rebuilding your jack.  That is why we offer the write ups with our kits. We don't want to hear about someone ruining a good jack.  I also try to step you through what is needed to overhaul the jack.  Without a doubt a good solid vise is essential.

Do you have someone who can do the rebuild for me?

Yes, I do.  He is located in Santa Rosa California.  He is retired.  His labor rate is reasonable.  He has 45 ++ yrs of experience and he does very good work.    If you are a rebuilder and you are reading this and you are honest, send us an email, we will push work your way.

Is it worth it to Repair My Lincoln Jack

Chances are your Lincoln Jack was made in the USA.  The replacement will be an import.  You will not get the same machining and tolerances from your import.  If you don't want to spend the time and money to repair it, you might consider putting it up for sale on ebay or craigs list as is.  They are very valuable to mechanics and professionals, especially tire shops..


I am trying to update this site and information all of the time.  If you have constructive suggestions, please email them.  Time is my biggest enemy.

Other Jacks

We offer kits for other Jacks as well as Lincoln.  We offer kits for Walker, Ajax, Hein Werner and Blackhawk.  We are trying to post the kit information, pricing and offer the service sheets and write ups on those jacks as well.
Photos I realize I should have photos of the kits but I don't.   I have it on my to do list.
Online Ordering I will be having Online Ordering.   Parts and Kits are not returnable.   It is strongly recommended that you make sure which jack, model number and series you have before you engage with Online Ordering.

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Recent Update: Monday, July 20, 2020
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